Lottie JSON Editor: Edit your Lottie animations with ease

Edit your Lottie JSON animations with ease using the Lottie JSON Editor. Create stunning Lottie animations by easily loading JSON animations via URL, toggling between source and editor, plus uploading the animation to Lottie Preview.

Preview, edit, and search animations with the LottieFiles plugin for VS Code


What is a JSON file in Lottie animations?

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a file format used to store the data for Lottie animations. It contains all the information required to render the animation, including the animation's structure, layers, and properties

How can I use the Lottie JSON Editor to edit my animations?

Simply upload your Lottie JSON file to the editor, and you can edit any property, layers, or other elements of your animation using the tool. You can then use the modified JSON data or upload it as a Lottie animation into your workspace to use in your project

Can I use the Lottie JSON Editor to create new animations from scratch?

No, the Lottie JSON Editor is designed for editing existing Lottie animations, not creating new ones from scratch. To create new animations from scratch, use the Lottie Creator, or popular animation platforms like Adobe After Effects

Can I preview my Lottie animations in real time while editing them in the Lottie JSON Editor?

Yes, the Lottie JSON Editor includes a built-in preview feature that allows you to view your animation in real time as you make changes. This can help you see the impact of your edits and make adjustments quickly

Is the Lottie JSON Editor free to use?

Yes, the Lottie JSON Editor is completely free to use. Simply upload your JSON file and start editing!

Can I use the Lottie JSON Editor to optimize my animations for performance?

In theory, this is possible if you know how to optimize the code structure of the JSON file using the Lottie JSON Editor. However, it would be practically difficult to do. Instead, we recommend using the Lottie Optimizer tool for you to automatically optimize your Lottie animations for better performance

What are some of the advantages of using Lottie animations in my web or mobile project?

Lottie animations offer a range of benefits, including smaller file sizes, smoother playback, and the ability to scale without losing quality. They are also easy to customize and work well with a range of design tools and platforms. You can read more about Lottie animations here.

What kind of support is available if I need help using the Lottie JSON Editor?

LottieFiles offers a range of support resources, including documentation, tutorials, and a community forum where you can ask questions and get help from other users. You can also contact our support team directly for assistance.