Become a part of a revolution in Motion

Become a part of a revolution in Motion

LottieFiles aims to create the future of interactive design and is now the world’s largest community around Lottie animations, and design tools that help create and implement these animations.

LottieFiles aims to create the future of interactive design and is now the world’s largest community around Lottie animations, and design tools that help create and implement these animations.

Our Culture

We uphold company and individual team culture in high regard and believe it must be guarded and extended by every new member of the team.

Sustained Performance

We are on a mission to fundamentally redefine the creative industry. We show up to innovate, re-think solutions from the ground up, and ideate potential future outcomes. Sustained Performance requires nurturing a culture where high concentrated focus hours can co-exist with encouraged time-offs and work-life balance. We are looking for people who care about and respect this balance for themselves and their colleagues.

Remote work, flexible work hours, unlimited time-offs are some of the perks LottieFiles provide in order to encourage this balance and a sustained high performance.

Open & Candid communication

We understand that candid feedback and conversations must always come from a place of love, care, and compassion for one another. At LottieFiles, we create a safe space for all, where open communication lines exist at all organization levels. You are highly encouraged to share feedback, challenge the status quo, acknowledge and appreciate hard work by others.

Expression of Joy & Creativity

We don't take ourselves too seriously, or at least we try :) We constantly try to create an environment where meetings, planning sessions, and critical decision debates have an element of light-hearted energy around them.

Animation is a true expression of fun and joy, and it's important to us that creative minds who join us embrace that in their day-to-day work.

"We Lottie You"

This is a common phrase you will see across chats, emails, and random gift notes shared within the team. To us, this is a way of expressing a genuine regard for diversity, each other's skills, personalities, and cultures. At LottieFiles, we try to nurture a culture of gratitude, kindness, humility, and appreciation.

We are looking for people who believe in co-elevation and amplifying each other's success.

Passion for Learning & Sense of Ownership

Lottie is a revolutionary new file format, and it has taken the shape of an inspiring movement; LottieFiles is a company around that movement. A lot of what we do is an exploration in pushing the boundaries of what's possible in motion and creation.

We expect folks who join our team to stay curious, passionate to learn and grow, and to have a sense of ownership in the work they do. We ask for diligent dedication towards processes, documentation, and a genuine regard for communicating it well to others in the group.

Perks & Benefits

Flexible working hours & remote working

At LottieFiles, you will find colleagues with diverse cultures, working styles, different peak productive schedules, early risers, and night owls. Hence we follow Flexi working hours across the board.

Ergonomic work from home setup

The pandemic has taught us the importance of creating a positive work setup at the comfort of your home. Our welcome kit includes the latest spec MacBook, noise-canceling headphones of your choice, and an ergonomic chair setup. We also encourage you to claim back your gym or yoga membership. Your well-being is important to us.

Time off when you need it

We follow an unlimited time-off policy; you decide when you should take that much-needed time off, go on a vacation, spend time with family, take care of yourself and come back refreshed and inspired to do your best work.

Our Leaders set the example and we have built a culture where taking time off is a gift, not a burden to the company and your colleagues.

A positive work environment

As an animation tech company, We believe animations are a true expression of fun, color, joy, emotions, and, most notably, the spirit of life. We try to inject these feelings into our work culture each day. We take our time finding the right people who'd fit and thrive in such an environment.

Unlimited learning budget

A critical element of our culture is co-elevation. While we all come together to do the best work we can, we acknowledge the solo growth and learning time is essential. We have an unlimited budget for books, online learning, mental fitness apps, or any other subscription of your choice.

A competitive salary

We believe in hiring some of the best people and in offering above-market comparable salaries and perks. Salary reviews at LottieFiles are based on performance and team contributions and not a yearly review.

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