Duolingo is the world’s most popular education app with 300+ million people learning a language. Our mission is to make high-quality education free and accessible to all. We also believe that learning is easier when you’re having fun! Delight is in Duolingo’s DNA.

Our effective, bite-sized lessons feel more like a game than a textbook, incorporating delightful, rewarding animations that keep our learners coming back to reach their goals.

Duolingo makes extensive use of Lottie animations in our app and on the web. We’ve seen how these elements of animation and motion design increase our learners’ Duolingo experience and time on the app, and LottieFiles has been instrumental in helping us make this possible.

Since starting to use LottieFiles 2.5 years ago, we’ve uploaded thousands of files. Using tools like Lottie Preview, Lottie Editor, and the LottieFiles test app for iOS and Android, we can test, experiment, and troubleshoot our work quickly and easily before implementation.

Despite the incredible array of devices and operating systems we design for, Lottie helps us keep file sizes small and ensure reliable performance everywhere. As Duolingo’s products grow and evolve to reach even more learners around the world, Lottie animations help us keep users engaged, delighted, and always learning.

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