Apply a new color palette to any Lottie animation

Instantly change the colors of your animation. Apply your own custom colors, or try out our carefully curated preset color palettes. Never settle for colors that don't reflect you or your brand again.

Apply new colors in a few clicks

Bring your own brand colors

Make any animation fit your brand aesthetic. Pick out your own colors and apply them to animations in seconds.

Play around with new colors

Rapidly experiment with new colors using our preset color palettes – so you can create great-looking animations, fast.

Available on web, mobile and Figma

Customize colors on

Access the world's largest Lottie animation library and easily tweak colors to fit your aesthetic.

Apply colors on the go

Instantly recolor Lottie animations using Color Palette, all within the LottieFiles Mobile App.

Experiment with colors in Figma

Apply color to your animations using the Color Palette, all within the LottieFiles for Figma plugin.

Get started in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Open any Lottie animation

Search for Lottie animations on LottieFiles and click on any animation.

Step 2: Choose a new palette

Scroll to the color Palette section and choose one of the preset color palettes available or click ‘Show more' to see other palettes.

Step 3: Instantly change colors

Watch the Lottie animation's colors change instantly.

Explore the power of color

Give your Lottie animation a new coat of paint and experiment with different shades and hues.

Create. Collaborate. Ship.

Effortlessly bring motion to your everyday designs.

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